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«Paint the Sky with Stars» Sheet Music by Enya

«Paint the Sky with Stars» Sheet Music by Enya.

Songbook with vocal melody, piano accompaniment, lyrics, chord names and guitar chord diagrams.

Song list:

The Celts
Anywhere Is
China Roses
On My Way Home
The Memory Of Trees
Story Of Boadicea
Paint The Sky With Stars
Only If…
Book Of Days
Caribbean Blue
Marble Halls
Orinoco Flow
Shepherd Moons
Storms In Africa

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Paint the Sky with Stars – The Best of Enya is the first greatest hits album by Irish singer, songwriter and musician Enya. Following her worldwide promotional tour in support of her previous album The Memory of Trees, Enya began selecting tracks for a compilation album in early 1997 as her recording contract with Reprise Records permitted her to do so. The album contains songs from her debut album Enya to The Memory of Trees and two new tracks, “Paint the Sky with Stars” and “Only If…”.

Paint the Sky with Stars received positive reviews from critics and was a commercial success, reaching number four in the United Kingdom and number 30 on the Billboard 200 in the United States. In the latter territory, the album continued to sell over the next eight years, reaching four million copies shipped in 2005.

In Japan, it became the first non-Japanese album under the Warner label to receive a Japan Gold Disc Award in the Grand Prix Album category for selling over one million copies. To promote the compilation album, Enya made several interviews and televised performances.

See What Others Are Saying

This is a very clean copy. It is almost like new. It stays open better than a new book would because the spine has been already broken in for me! All to the good.
I was going to order all new Enya books, but when I saw the good prices on used ones, I thought that would be more special in a way. As a book lover, I enjoy owning a book that someone else has used and appreciated.

Arrived earlier than expected in excellent condition and was a bargain price for a ‘used’ book. Better pieces than “A Day Without Rain”. Well arranged for use with vocals or as a piano solo at an intermediate level. For good sight-readers, most are easily doable.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and music is in the individual ear. Can’t get enough Enya.

This a great book for intermediate piano players. Enya’s music translates to piano very well. Intermediate players will probably be able to play several of the songs right off the bat, but there is enough challenge to keep it interesting. Great book!

Great book for anyone that enjoys Enya’s great gift of music. Well arranged and isn’t overly challenging for those that want to play. Recommend it for all.

About CD album

This album contains the basic Enya along with a couple of new cuts. Of the two new cuts, I discovered “Only If”, light and frothy as it sounds on first play, to be quite intricately crafted and could possibly be on a future “best” collection. The title song is nice, but just not the best of her work.

And then we come to the 14 selections for the best. My only disagreement with the selection is “On My Way Home” from “The Memory of Trees” instead of “On Your Shore” from Watermark. Other than that, I am surprisingly in complete agreement as to what is Enya’s best…that doesn’t usually happen.

First, I like every title instrumental with the ethereal voices…”Shepherd Moons” being my favorite, but “The Celts”, “Watermark”, and “The Memory of Trees: each definitely among her best work. Secondly, since “Shepherd Moons” is my favorite of her CD’s, I was quite happy with the total of five selections from it. If the powers that be had selected an additional song from Watermark–if not “On Your Shore”, then “Exile” or “Evening Falls”–instead of “On My Way Home”, I would’ve been happier.

Memory of Trees

As it was, four cuts are from “Memory of Trees” and only three from “Watermark”. That I disagree with, but realize that each person has their favorites and are just as welcome to their preferences as I am to mine. There are only two cuts from “The Celts”, and again, I agree. “The Celts” is a very cohesive album, but outside of the title cut and “Boadica”, I didn’t feel that it had individual standouts.

So there’s my opinions, and I’m sure many will disagree, but I do think that all will agree that you should have this CD in your collection…as an introduction to Enya if you haven’t had one yet…and as a different perspective on the familiar material for those who already have her other CD’s. This might be an unique perspective, but I honestly feel that by changing the order of her songs, one gets a different reaction in hearing the sequence. Just one of my nutty ideas…LOL
Bottom line, hey, get this CD whether or not you have most of the songs on it already…you’ll love it.

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