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Piano Literature, Volume Two: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary

Piano Literature, Volume Two: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary.

Piano Literature series compiled and edited by Jane Smisor Bastien. Volume Two is for the Early Intermediate Grades. Includes: Bach, Clementi, Beethoven, Schumann, Kabalevsky, Rebikoff and Bartok.

For the Early Intermediate Grades

Bach – Musette in D, Minuet in D Minor, Polonaise in G Minor
Clementi – Sonatina, Opus 36, No. 1
Beethoven – Sonatina in F
Schumann – Hunting Song, First Loss
Kabalevsky – The Clown, Six Variations on a Russian Folk Song
Rebikoff – Playing Soldiers
Bartók – Children’s Song, Play Time, Hungarian Folk Song

About the Author: Jane Smisor Bastien

Growing up as the daughter of piano teacher Gladys Smisor, Jane began her childhood lessons with Leota Anderson in Hutchinson, Kansas. After graduating from Barnard College of Columbia University, she continued her studies with Isabelle Vengerova in New York, and received a Master of Arts degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. Jane Smisor Bastien was formerly a pedagogy professor and director of the Preparatory Department of Music at Tulane University, where she had an opportunity to extensively research current methodology in developing the Bastien teaching materials for children.

Because she still teaches a large number of students in her home in La Jolla (San Diego), Jane’s composing continues to be directly related to her own students’ experiences. She knows what appeals to contemporary children and writes music that they will find fun to play. In recognition of their significant contribution to music and music education, Jane and her husband James Bastien were presented with the 1999 MTNA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Song list:
Minuet in D Major
Hunting Song
First Loss
The Clown
Six Variations On a Russian Folk Song
Playing Soldiers
Play Time
Hungarian Folk Song
Musette in D, BWV Anh. 126 Performed by Johann Sebastian Bach
Polonaise in G Minor, BWV Anh. 119
Polonaise in G Minor, BWV Anh. 125 Performed by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Children’s Song from For Children, Book 1 Performed by Bela Bartok
Rondo Performed by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Vivace Performed by Muzio Clementi

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